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Darth Vader's Suit

1 Monat ago
[size=3]Mod was done as a commission for me and was fully created by [/size][size=3][url=]drs2[/url].[/size]

[*][size=3]Use UXM to unpack and patch Elden Ring.[/size]
[*][size=3]Drag and drop mod files inside parts folder of your game directory and overwrite.[/size]
[*][size=3]Use UXM to patch Elden Ring.[/size]
[*][size=3]Disable EAC and then run the game.[/size]
[size=3]Couldn't have been possible without:[/size][list]

Type-4O Fist to Devil Breakers (Devil May Cry 5)

1 Monat ago

[b]Currently available options:[/b]
[*]Buster Arm
[*]Gerbera GP01
[*]Helter Skelter
[*]Mega Buster
[*]Pasta Breaker
[*]Punch Line
[*]Sweet Surrender

[*]There are size differences between the Breakers, mainly with the Mega Buster. This is so that they won't clip into each other too much when on your back.
[*]All scaling/alignment/etc. was only checked with 9S

[*]MC, DevolasRevenge, grojdg, WoefulWolf - Modding guide
[*]WoefulWolf, RaiderB - Nier Automata Blender Tools
[*]Scobalula - Tyrant (RE Engine Asset extractor)
[*]PlatinumGames - For Nier Automata
[*]Capcom - For Devil May Cry 5

Better Scaling for Bows

1 Monat 1 Woche ago
[size=2]You might have found yourself disappointed that the only viable to play an archer in Elden Ring was to spam blood/frost arrows with barrage. You are not alone friend, I too wish bows were a lot stronger than they are. Since I wasn't able to find a mod that did this, I decided to quickly whip one up myself!

[/size][font=Arial]I can't promise that this mod is totally balanced, so if you find that the stats on a particular bow are for whatever reason absurd, let me know and I'll possibly upload an update with balance changes.[/font]

[size=5][font=Courier New]Installation:

[/font][/size][font=Arial]First, if you have not already, set up [url=]Anti-cheat toggler and offline launcher[/url]. It should go without saying, but playing online with this mod active will almost certainly result in a ban.

If you're not using any other mods that affect 'regulation.bin', congratulations! All you have to do is replace that file in your 'ELDEN RING/Game/' directory with the file from the zip in Option 1 of the downloads section, and you're done!
If you [b]are[/b] using a mod that affects 'regulation.bin', you will need to use [url=]Yapped[/url] to merge your 'regulation.bin' with this mod's 'EquipmentParamWeapon.csv' from Option 2 in the downloads section (if you receive an error during the importing step, try downloading version 1.08 of Yapped instead). More detailed instructions are available as a pdf in the zip file of Option 2.

If you are using a mod that affects 'regulation.bin', [b]and[/b] it affects 'EquipParamWeapon', unfortunately you will likely need to manually set the scaling values yourself in Yapped. If there are are any better methods for this situation, please let me know. On the plus side, you only need to do this for the bows you plan on using.[/font]

[font=Courier New][size=5]Altered Scalings:[/size]
[font=Courier New]Shortbow
str 17 > 25
 dex 17 > 25

Misbegotten Shortbow
 str 26 > 50
 dex 16 > 20

Red Branch Shortbow
 str 14 > 20
 dex 26 > 50

Harp Bow
 dex 15 > 60

Composite Bow
 str 15 > 40
 dex 28 > 40

 str 20 > 40
 dex 26 > 60

Albinauric Bow
 str 15 > 20
 dex 35 > 80

Horn Bow
 dex 26 > 40
 int 10 > 50

Erdtree Bow
 str 12 > 20
 dex 15 > 30
 fth 30 > 50

Serpent Bow
 str 15 > 20
 dex 30 > 60

Pulley Bow
 str 27 > 50
 dex 27 > 50

Black Bow
 str 18 > 25
 dex 26 > 80

Lion Greatbow
 str 30 > 50
 int 0  > 25

Golem Greatbow
 str 45 > 75

Erdtree Greatbow
 str 20 > 30
 dex 15 > 20
 fth 30 > 50

 str 30 > 50
 dex 30 > 50[/font]

DS3 Dark Wraith Armor

1 Monat 2 Wochen ago
To install the mod, you'll have to download & Install [url=]UXM[/url] for Elden Ring, which, alternatively can be found on ?ServerName?/#tools-and-resources. 

1. After doing the required stuff for UXM, unpack the game.

2. After unpacking the game, patch it.

3. Now, there should be a "parts" folder inside the "Game" folder.

4. Make a backup and then put the files(not the readme, c'mmon) inside the parts folder and replace.

5. Start the game.

       Can also just drop the parts folders contents in the modengines mod-parts folder

Thank to Meowspeon for the new version of UXM
Thanks to TKGP for creating the original UXM and [url=]Yapped[/url].

Magic Enhanced

1 Monat 2 Wochen ago
[center][size=6][color=#e69138][b]Magic Enhanced[/b][/color][/size][b][size=4][/size][/b][b][size=4][/size][/b][/center][b][size=4]
[color=#e69138]1. Features[/color][/size][/b] [color=#e69138][size=4][b](Full list in the Changelog)[/b][/size][/color]

[color=#e69138]1.1 [b]NEW WAYS HOW TO REGENERATE MANA AND ELEX[/b][/color]
- [color=#e69138]Mana Potion[/color] redesigned both appearance and effect wise. Now restores 100 Mana and 100 Elex.
- Consuming [color=#e69138]Elex[/color] (Mineral) restores 100 Elex.
- Consuming [color=#e69138]Mana[/color] (Mineral) restores 100 Mana.

[color=#e69138]1.2 [b]NEW MAXIMUM CAP FOR MANA AND ELEX[/b][/color]
- With the help of equippable items and skills new cap for Mana and Elex is 300.
- 100 through [color=#e69138]skills[/color].
- 100 for having a [color=#e69138]Spell Fist[/color] in inventory (50 Mana for Fire Fist, 50 Mana for Flaming Bow, 100 Elex for Ice Fist).
- designed new items:
- [color=#e69138]Berserker Specialization[/color] +50 MaxMana
- [color=#e69138]Berserker Modifier[/color] +50 MaxMana
- [color=#e69138]Protection Specialization[/color] +50 Elex
- [color=#e69138]Protection Modifier[/color] +50 Elex
1.3 [b]FASTER PROJECTILES[/b][/color]
Buffed speed of a [color=#e69138]Small[/color] and [color=#e69138]Big Fireball[/color] by 50%.

[color=#e69138]1.4 [b]COMBAT MAGIC[/b][/color]
Significant buffs to all [color=#e69138]Spell Fists[/color].
- Reduced Mana / Elex consumed of Right Mouse button Spells on Ranged Spell Fists to 1.
- Reduced CD for attacks by 40%.
- Spell Fists now buff Max Mana / Elex just by being in the inventory.
- Spell Fists are now [color=#e69138]Legendary Weapons[/color] with [color=#e69138]3 available Sockets[/color].
- Ice Fist's [color=#e69138]Chain Lightning[/color] buffed in AoE damage, Number of Enemies affected and Cone of Effect.

[color=#e69138]1.5 [b]SPELLS[/b][/color]
- [color=#e69138]Reduced CD[/color] on most spells to [color=#e69138]1s[/color], meaning you can recast them during their effect.
- [color=#e69138]Rain of Fire[/color] buffed to 8m Range
- [color=#e69138]Firewave[/color] buffed to 8m Range.
- [color=#e69138]Mana Aura[/color] increased duration to 300s.

- [color=#e69138]Blizzard[/color] buffed to 8m Range, increased duration by 2s, keeps CD of 8s.
- [color=#e69138]Heal[/color] buffed to 150 healed.

- [color=#e69138]Rage[/color] increased duration to 300s.
- [color=#e69138]Ignore Pain[/color] increased duration to 300s.

[color=#e69138]1.6[b] STIMS[/b][/color]
Unified the duration of all Stims at 60s.

[color=#e69138][size=4][b]2. Installation[/b][/size][/color]
Extract archive into your ELEX 2 folder.
Example: C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\ELEX2
[color=#e69138][b][size=4]3. Uninstallation[/size][/b][/color][/b][/size]
Remove file m_9_MAGIC.pak from your ELEX2\data\packed folder.

[color=#e69138][size=4][b][b][size=4]4. Credits[/size][/b][/b][/size][/color]
Made with [url=]elex2resman_v0.2.1[/url], notepad++, HxD.

Made possible with the works of[b] [color=#e69138]George[/color][/b], [color=#e69138][b]Baltram[/b][/color] and others over at [url=][/url]

AutoAlerts Remake

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
A port of jpfarias's old Redirector mod into Unity Mod Manager. Eaisly the simplest to port since nothing required Redirection.
Original mod (it's description applies to this one):
Source code:

Date night PT-BR

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
Passe mais tempo com seu cônjuge!
Algo que notei sobre o casamento neste jogo é que depois que você vê o Evento de 14 Corações do seu Cônjuge, não há mais demonstrações de seu relacionamento ou vínculo.

Este mod visa corrigir isso! Ele adiciona um evento em que você pode passar um tempo com seu cônjuge em um encontro.

Atualmente, há uma data genérica para todos os cônjuges, mas planejei mais, incluindo datas exclusivas para cada um dos Candidatos a Cônjuges de Baunilha e a capacidade dos Cônjuges de solicitar tipos de data aleatórios a cada vez.


Old World Drugs - Chems Renamed

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
[b][i][u][color=#ff0000]This mod doesnt touch scripts, leveled lists, meshes, textures, animations, stats, recipes, prices, or weight. JUST NAMES.[/color][/u][/i][/b]

[i][color=#00ff00]Made with Creation Kit
Cleaned with xEdit.
Tested with a 250 plugin Load Order.[/color][/i]

Literally nothing.

Wanted to play with real drugs instead of made up names that bethesda had to use to get around legalities.
Only 2 other mods attempt what i did here;
[url=][color=#9900ff]This mod[/color][/url] only renames 4 chems and messes with textures
[url=][color=#9900ff]and this mod[/color][/url] which adds too many drugs, relies on scripts, and edits leveled lists
[u]So i made my own that relies on nothing at all because it just changes the names of existing chems!

[/u][b][i][u][color=#00ffff][Name That Chem!]
[/color][/u][/i][/b]Stimpak - Unchanged
Radaway - DTPA  (This is the real world version of radaway look it up)
RadX - Iodine
Buffout - Steroids
Buffjet - Steroid Meth Mix
Bufftats - Steroid THC Mix
Jet - Meth
JetFuel - Pure Meth
Ultrajet - Blue Meth (A little Breaking Bad for you)
Addictol - Methadone
MedX - Morphine
Psycho - Heroin
Psychojet - Heroin Meth Mix
Psychotats - Heroin THC Mix
Psychobuff - Heroin Steroid Mix
Calmex - Xanax
Overdrive - Crack
Fury - PCP
Mentats - Kush THC Tabs  (Listen i needed to add THC somehow and mentats were our best bet)
Berry Mentats - Berry THC Tabs
Orange Mentats - Orange THC Tabs
Grape Mentats - Grape THC Tabs
Daytripper - LSD Microdose
DaddyO - Ecstasy
Xcell - Unchanged

[b][i][u][color=#00ffff][Will you add more?][/color][/u][/i][/b]
Maybe if i find em but i can't find anything else besides X-Cell
Possible patch support if asked

[b][i][u][color=#00ffff][Difference between Versions?][/color][/u][/i][/b]
[color=#f1f1f1]If i make different versions, the higher the version number, the more files i've added. Or fixed typos.
[b][i][u][color=#00ffff][Is it safe for mid playthrough?][/color][/u][/i][/b]

[b][i][u][color=#00ffff][Is it safe to upgrade?][/color][/u][/i][/b]

[b][color=#00ffff][Esp? Scripts? DLC? Mod Conflicts?][/color][/b]
1 Esp, No scripts, no requirments so no dlc reqs, will only "conflict" with other chem renaming mods so load mine after in load order.

[b][color=#00ffff][Load Order Help][/color][/b]
After other chem renaming mods

[b][color=#00ffff][Recommended Mods][/color]
[url=][color=#9900ff]Chem Visuals[/color][/url][color=#00ffff] [/color][color=#f4f4f4]- Adds visuals to chems. Check out LSD Microdoses with visuals, dude![/color]
[url=][color=#9900ff]Russian Stim Replacer[/color][/url][color=#f4f4f4] - Replaces the stim with a way way better model/animation.[/color]
[url=][color=#9900ff]This[/color][/url][color=#f4f4f4] and [/color][url=][color=#9900ff]this[/color][/url][color=#f4f4f4] - Textures i use[/color][/b]

[b][i][u][color=#00ffff][Version History][/color][/u][/i][/b]
March 31st 2022 - Mod Released in Version 1

[b][color=#ff0000](Please Note)[/color][/b]
[u]Addiction names are left unchanged so if you get addicted to "Kush THC Tabs" you'll be "addicted to mentats".
I like to think that "Jet" is just "slang" or "the new world name" for "Meth"., etc.
So NPCs can still talk about jet and i know they mean meth.[/u]
[b][color=#ff0000](Please Note)[/color][/b]


1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
a mod that I had lying around for over a year but was too lazy to finish writing an MCM for, and which has now been made obsolete by [url=]Dynamic Animation Casting.
[/url]still uploading it to prove it's possible (but tedious) to make a mod like this completely without slow papyrus animation event tracking.
but if you can, use DAC instead of this one here, DAC uses SKSE so that's even better 

(my mod might be useful for AE people though until DAC's AE version is out. Should also work on LE, I guess)

watch vid to see how to use

might not work with non-vanilla player races, idk

Bow Rapid Combo I Archer Combat Overhawl

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago

All these functions can be used separately from vanilla's combat method, which is basically used by pulling the bowstring.

Enemies that are far away can do a lot of damage by pulling the bowstring and shooting in the vanilla way,

and enemies that come close can use a Rapid-Shot that does low damage but can strike quickly.

Rapid-shot damage equals the damage of an uncharged arrow, usually 1/3 of the damage of a fully loaded arrow.

And Rapid-Shot is less accurate.

[/size][/color][/i][/b]This is the default shooting style for this mod. Your character will now use a Rapid Shot, which pushes the character back a bit.
You can use rapid fire when right-clicking in place.

[b][i][color=#6aa84f][size=5]Double-Shot / [/size][/color][/i][/b][b][i][color=#6aa84f][size=5]Triple-Shot
[/size][/color][/i][/b]you can use the Double-shot -> Triple-Shot combo by right-clicking with the forward movement key.
Double-Shot fires 2 arrows. And the Triple-Shot fires three Shots.
In other words, you can quickly alternate between 2-shot and 3-shot shots.

[b][i][color=#6aa84f][size=5]Moving Double-Shot
[/size][/color][/i][/b]if you right-click while moving left and right, Moving Double Shot is used.
At this point, your character quickly fires two arrows while sidestepping.

[/i][/b][/size][/color]you can use multi-shot by right-clicking with the back movement key.
When you are surrounded by multiple enemies, this technique may help you out of a crisis situation.

Even this skill is a two-tier combo skill.

While 1 combo is in progress, pressing the right mouse button with the back key once again activates 2 combo.

This skill fires 5 times at a time. So, if you use up to 2 combos, you can use 10 arrows at once.

[/size][/color][/i][/b]Jumping while holding a bow causes a jump shot.
You can use jump shots from any direction.
This skill is difficult to use because of its low accuracy.

If you enable double jump in [url=]Better Jumping[/url] mod, the second jump uses a Double-Shot.

Jumpshot can be installed or not in the installation options.

[/size][/color][/i][/b]When used in conjunction with the TK Dodge mod,
this mod shoots arrows when dodging.
Press the dodge key to fire with the dodge. There is no need to attack separately.

Now you can dodge and attack at the same time through this mod.


[b][i][size=6]Known mod compatibility[/size][/i][/b]

[/size][/b][url=]MCO I ADXP[/url]
[url=]True Directional Movemen[/url]

[b][color=#e06666][size=5]not compatible[/size][/color][/b]
[url=]Archery Gameplay Overhaul[/url]

One of the preceding mods, [url=]Simple Movement Key Trace[/url], does not support gamepads.
If you can use a separate key mapping program, try it.



[b][i][size=5]I was able to make a good mod for your support.[/size][/i][/b]



Universal Halo ReShade

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
[b][u]Screen Gamma set to 2 for it to look like the screenshots.

[/u][/b]This here makes Halo look nicer (in my opinion). That's all there is to it.

Treasure Hunter Map

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
[size=6][color=#f9cb9c]Treasure Hunter Map Route[/color]

[color=#00ffff]Found a video on YouTube from Naked Vault Dweller with 50 locations the Treasure Hunters Spawn, so I reconstructed the map so everyone can easily get those valuable Miner Pails[/color]


Velothi Warscythe - Animated Armory Patch

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
Adds the halberd keywords to Billyro's excellent Velothi Warscythe to work with Animated Armory. Also rotates the mesh to make the animations look right.

[url=]Animated Armoury - DAR Version[/url] by NickNak
[url=]Velothi Warscythe[/url] by Billyro

Simply replace the original ESP for Velothi Warscythe by loading this patch later in your mod manager. This new ESP is flagged as an ESL.

Embers XD - Russian Translation

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
Русская локализация мода [url=]Embers XD[/url] за авторством [url=]mindfIux[/url]. Данный мод полностью перерабатывает костры, жаровни и другие источники огня.

ВНИМАНИЕ! Это только перевод оригинального мода! Для работы необходим сам мод -  [url=]Embers XD[/url]


[/b]Крайне рекомендуется устанавливать через [b]Vortex [/b]или [b]Mod Manager[/b].

Установка перевода осуществляется через FOMOD, также как и оригинал, просто выберете те же самые пункты, которые вы выбирала когда устанавливали оригинальный мод. Убедитесь, что данный перевод загружается ПОСЛЕ оригинального мода.

[i]В данном FOMOD были убраны ненужные разделы и те патчи, которые не вносят языковых изменений (т.е. не содержат ESP файлов). Также в данном FOMOD я не стал переводить названия самих патчей и пунктов выбора, перевел только описания к ним, дабы пользователям было проще сориентироваться относительно оригинального FOMOD.[/i]

Если вы устанавливали оригинальный мод вручную, то с начало в папке Data посмотрите, какие файлы, которые начинаются на Embers XD, у вас установлены, и после уже из скачанной папки с переводом перекиньте аналогичные файлы с подтверждением замены.

Все права на данный перевод и оригинальный мод принадлежат автору - [url=]mindfIux[/url]

SIGMA- Sledgehammer Animation Patch

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
[size=6]What this mod does:[/size]
[size=3]I felt like the animations for the melee weapons like the Fire Axe or Baseball Bat felt really weak, and Sigerious just happened to release a really good animation set for the sledgehammer. So I decided to patch some weapons to work with the animation set. [/size]

[size=6]Weapons Patched:[/size]
[size=5]Fallout New Vegas:[/size]
[size=3]Bumper Sword[/size]
[size=3]Blade Of The East[/size]
[size=3]Blade Of The West[/size]
[size=3]Fire Axe[/size]
[size=3]Knife Spear (Dead Money)[/size]
[size=3]Knife Spear Clean (Dead Money)[/size]
[size=3]Proton Axe (Old World Blues)[/size]
[size=3]Protonic Inversal Axe (Old World Blues)[/size]
[size=3]X-2 Antenna (Old World Blues)[/size]
[size=3]9 Iron[/size]
[size=3]Nephi's Golf Driver[/size]
[size=3]Baseball Bat[/size]
[size=3]Nail Board[/size]
[size=3]Pool Cue[/size]
[size=3]Old Glory[/size]
[size=3]Rebar Club[/size]
[size=3]Nuka Breaker[/size]
[size=5]Fallout 3:[/size]
[size=3]Axe (Point Lookout)[/size]
[size=3]The Dismemberer (Point Lookout)[/size]
[size=3]Shovel (Point Lookout)[/size]
[size=3]Fertilizer Shovel (Point Lookout)[/size]
[size=3]Baseball Bat[/size]
[size=3]Nail Board[/size]
[size=3]Board Of Education[/size]
[size=3]Pool Cue[/size]
[size=3]The Break[/size]
[size=3]The Tenderizer[/size]
[size=3]Fawkes Super Sledge[/size]

[size=3]Download SIGMA - Sledgehammer Anim Set first[/size]
[size=3]Then Install this mod[/size]
[size=3]Place this mod below Sledgehammer Anim Set to ensure it overwrites.
[/size][size=3][url=]xNVSE ver. 6.2.4 or newer[/url]
[url=]kNVSE ver. 20 or newer[/url]
[url=]SIGMA - Sledgehammer Anim Set - kNVSE[/url][/size]

[/size][url=]Sigerious[/url] For Letting Me Patch The Weapons 
[url=]Kormakur[/url] for kNVSE

Let me know if there is any issues with the mod.

Delay DLC Redux

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
This mod is a complete rebuild of Gribbleshnibit8's [url=]Delay DLC[/url] (or [url=]Delay DLC TTW[/url]).

It prevents the game's DLC from spamming the new game startup messages and requires you be near a given DLC's starting location to receive its quest. Compared to the original Delay DLC, Redux removes the level requirements, reduces the radius for most DLC start points, fixes a few bugs and unnecessary edits, changes all DLCs with Radio Broadcasts to require the player to listen to the broadcast before the quest will start, and has the word "Redux" added to its name.

Starting the DLC for Fallout: New Vegas works as follows:
[*]Dead Money: The radio broadcast reaches to about Helios One and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
[*]Honest Hearts: The radio broadcast reaches down to Freeside and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
[*]Old World Blues: The radio broadcast has a fairly small radius around the Mojave Drive-In, and once you pick up the signal, the quest is started. Once you complete OWB and return to Vegas, the radio broadcast will regain its vanilla Mojave-wide range, for those who like the music.
[*]Lonesome Road: Completing the other 3 DLCs' main quests will automatically start the quest with a message from Ulysses, but you may also simply walk to the Canyon Wreckage to begin the quest whenever you'd like.
Starting Fallout 3's DLC in TTW works as follows:
[*]The Pitt: The radio broadcast reaches to about Oasis and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
[*]Operation Anchorage: The radio broadcast is active within the ruins surrounding Bailey's Crossroads and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
[*]Broken Steel: Automatically starts after completing the main quest (note that TTW 3.3 plays the original game's ending if you complete it in Hardcore mode and activate the purifier yourself).
[*]Point Lookout: Walking south past the Citadel should start the quest when you get close enough to the Riverboat to hear the ship's horn.
[*]Mothership Zeta: The radio broadcast reaches to about the Scrapyard and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
Additionally, this mod should only be used on a new save, don't replace the original Delay DLC with this mod!

Midwood Isle - Great City of Solitude Patch

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
A quick and dirty patch that fixes the docks leading to the boat for Will Evans' [url=]Midwood Isle[/url] while using soldierofwar's [url=]The Great City of Solitude[/url]. See images.

This is my first time attempting a compatibility patch like this. Please let me know if any issues arise. ESP-FE.

The only [i]hard [/i]requirement is Midwood Isle, however the added docks will likely conflict with any docks mod that [i]isn't [/i]The Great City of Solitude.
1 Stunde 55 Minuten ago
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