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Edible Slaughterfish

2 Wochen 2 Tage ago
After a day of fishing, you end up with a heap of fish scales and an empty stomach. Why throw away all that fish? Grill it, eat it. Use this mod.

This mod adds slaughterfish steaks as an edible ingredient - they are being dropped by slaughterfish! I modified the default slaughterfish creature and also the extra-special Rumare slaughterfish, but I didn't add this to vendors. You'll have to go fishing!

There's also a random surprise for newbies, but I'm not telling what it is! Can you guess? (It's for newbies only.)

Both new ingredients can be used in alchemy or eaten, it's up to you. They are comparable to things like boar meat or venison - food and ingredient.

[b]Conflicts and load order

[/b]This is a very small mod that only edits the slaughterfish, so it will conflict with anything else that edits slaughterfish. Otherwise it doesn't matter where you put it in your load order.

Compatible with any eating mod that relies on the "food" flag on ingredients. Note that some mods have their own custom lists, so new foods cannot be used with them. Check the mod you are using. I myself use "Bare Necessities" which works fine, and going by the write up of "Basic Primary Needs" it should also work with that one, but I haven't tested it.

Darth Vader's Suit

1 Monat ago
[size=3]Mod was done as a commission for me and was fully created by [/size][size=3][url=]drs2[/url].[/size]

[*][size=3]Use UXM to unpack and patch Elden Ring.[/size]
[*][size=3]Drag and drop mod files inside parts folder of your game directory and overwrite.[/size]
[*][size=3]Use UXM to patch Elden Ring.[/size]
[*][size=3]Disable EAC and then run the game.[/size]
[size=3]Couldn't have been possible without:[/size][list]

Type-4O Fist to Devil Breakers (Devil May Cry 5)

1 Monat ago

[b]Currently available options:[/b]
[*]Buster Arm
[*]Gerbera GP01
[*]Helter Skelter
[*]Mega Buster
[*]Pasta Breaker
[*]Punch Line
[*]Sweet Surrender

[*]There are size differences between the Breakers, mainly with the Mega Buster. This is so that they won't clip into each other too much when on your back.
[*]All scaling/alignment/etc. was only checked with 9S

[*]MC, DevolasRevenge, grojdg, WoefulWolf - Modding guide
[*]WoefulWolf, RaiderB - Nier Automata Blender Tools
[*]Scobalula - Tyrant (RE Engine Asset extractor)
[*]PlatinumGames - For Nier Automata
[*]Capcom - For Devil May Cry 5

Druid for D2RMM

1 Monat ago
[size=4][b]I will add all my mods about druid in this mod. For now, the mod has everything I want to add, but give me suggestions
for new modifications or anothers mods and I'll check it out.

Maybe i will add more cosmetics modifications, but if there is no new bugs,
this is a final version. Download, play and if something is wrong tell
me please.

Ready modifications:[/size]
[size=3][size=2]- [b]All spirit :[/b] [i]Enable summon one of every spirit[/i].
 Every spirit will add him icon to the party. The party only allow 9 members types including mercenary. If you wanna play as summoner, remember that all summons + mercenary = 11 party slots. Exced the limit will despawn vines first.

- [b]All vines:[/b] [size=3][size=2][i]Enable summon one of every vine[/i].[/size][/size]
 [size=3][size=2]Every vine will add him icon to the party.[/size][/size] The party only allow 9 members types including mercenary. If you wanna play as summoner, remember that all summons + mercenary = 11 party slots. Exced the limit will despawn vines first.

[size=4]Modifications in process:
[size=2][b] Nothing for now:[/b] give me your suggestions[/size].

[/size][size=4]Discarted modifications:
[size=2]- [b]Fusion all spirits/vines: [/b][i]This is hardcoded[/i]
 Every spirit have one aura, and every summon can only use one. Imposible for fusion.
 For vines, the poison aura make imposible the fusion.


This [url=]D2RMM [/url]mod allows you to configure some of necromancer skills

Pm for suggestions of anothers mods/class.

No Bullet Explosions

1 Monat ago
[center][size=5][b]This mod removes the explosion effect added to all bullet impacts by Hitman 2.[/b][/size]

[size=3]For Hitman 2 and 3, a mini explosion effect was added to all bullet impacts, including on human targets. This is obviously not very realistic. Luckily, I was able to remove these ammo-based explosion effects for each ammo type. The results are a major effects upgrade and realism boost, as well as a return to Hitman 2016.
[size=3][/size][b][i][size=3]A full version that was intended to remove explosion smoke and debris turned out to have bugged impact effects for certain weapon types. I've taken it down indefinitely, and apologize to the 22 people who downloaded it. Pistols work corerctly, but I still don't understand why others don't.[/size][/i][/b]

[color=#00ffff][size=3][size=2][i]Note: Intended similar effects such as sparks when shooting metal are not affected by removal of the explosion.
Any further issues will be addressed in future updates. Please feel free to provide bug reports or suggestions.[/i]
[size=3][b][b][size=3][color=#6d9eeb][/color][b][b][size=3][color=#6d9eeb][/color][b][size=3][b][b][size=3][color=#6d9eeb][/color][b][b][size=3][b][b][size=3][b][size=3][b][b][size=3][color=#6d9eeb][/color][b][b][size=3][b][b][size=3][b][size=3][b][b][size=3][color=#6d9eeb]*For anyone who uses [/color][url=]No Poison Smoke[/url][color=#6d9eeb], 2.0 fixes numerous smoke-related effects that were [b][size=3][b][b][size=3][color=#6d9eeb]unintentionally [/color][/size][/b][/b][/size][/b]removed.*[/color][/size][/b][/b][/size][/b][/size][/b][/b][/size][/b][/b][color=#6d9eeb][/color][/size][/b][/b][/size][/b][/size][/b][/b][/size][/b][/b][color=#6d9eeb][/color][/size][/b][/b][/size][/b][color=#6d9eeb][/color][/size][/b][/b][color=#6d9eeb][/color][/size][/b][/b][/size]

[size=3][size=3][size=2]If you don't need help remembering what you've poisoned: [url=]No Poison Smoke 2.0[/url]
For a more realistic traditional Hitman audio experience: [url=]Immersive Sound[/url]
For silent security cameras like in Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2: [url=]Silent Cameras[/url]
For the trilogy's original realistic animations and gameplay: [url=]Hitman 2016 Movement[/url]
For more modern but still realistic animations and gameplay: [url=]Hitman 2 Movement[/url][url=]
1. Install the [url=]Simple Mod Framework[/url]
2. Download the file, import it with the [url=]Simple Mod Framework[/url], and deploy it.

♦ IO Interactive for the Hitman Games
♦ Notex and REDACTED for the RPKG Tool
♦ Atampy26 for the Simple Mod Framework[/size]

No Accessories

1 Monat 1 Woche ago
[u][b][color=#ff0000][size=4][u][size=4][u][size=4][u][size=4]***NOTICE*** This mod has been updated to support the latest version, v1.30. Optional f[u][size=4][u][size=4]ile to hide individual scarves have been added. [/size][/u][/size][/u]If you find any issues, please submit a bug report. Thanks.[/size][/u][/size][/u][/size][/u][/size][/color][/b][/u]

This mod makes all accessories invisible in-game so you can always see Miriam's beautiful face. Also includes the Bloodstained Modders icon in the splash screen. Individual files are available if you only want to hide specific accessories.

[/u]1.1 - Updated to support Bloodstained v1.30
1.0 - Initial release

[u][b][color=#980000]Installation instructions[/color][/b]
[/u]1. If this is the very first mod you're installing, create a folder named [color=#ffff00][b]~mods[/b][/color] under <game folder>\BloodstainedRotN\Content\Paks\
2. Extract files into the [color=#ffff00][b]~mods[/b][/color] folder, overwrite if necessary
3. Launch the game and enjoy!

[u][color=#980000][b]Uninstallation instructions[/b][/color]
[/u]1. Remove [b][color=#00ffff]130_No_Accessories.pak[/color][/b] or any individual files from the ~mods folder


Quick Store

1 Monat 1 Woche ago
This mod enables a custom hotkey (default [b]L[/b]) that stores inventory items in nearby containers (default 20m range) that contain at least one of the same item.

You can change the range and the hotkey value in the config file.

To install this mod, first install BepInEx for Planet Crafter, then place the dll file in [b]BepInEx\plugins[/b].

You can use [url=]this tool to install BepInEx[/url].

Source code is at [url=][/url].

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit [url=]my Discord server[/url].

Berserk Guts' Golden Age Dragonslayer Greatsword

1 Monat 1 Woche ago
[u]How to Install (UXM Version[/u]:
1.) Use  UXM to unpack the game

2.) Click "Patch" after it's done unpacking.

3.) Unzip the "Berserk Guts' Golden Age Dragonslayer Greatsword UXM Version.7z" with "7Zip"

4.) Inside will be two folders with a different color version of the Dragonslayer Greatsword: 1A Silver Version & 2B Black Version. Only use one version at a time

5.) Open the folder of the version you want to use & copy the "Game" folder into your "ELDEN RING" installation folder..C or D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ELDEN RING & press okay to replace files...

[u]If You Would Rather Not Unpack All The Game Files, You can Use The New Mod Engine 2 Preview for Elden Ring[/u]:
- To get the new Mod Engine 2 Preview for Elden Ring follow this link & follow the installation instructions: [url=]Mod Engine 2[/url]

[u]How To Install Mod if Using Mod Engine 2[/u]:
1.) Unzip the "Berserk Guts' Golden Age Dragonslayer Greatsword Mod Engine 2 Version.7z" with "7Zip"

2.) Inside will be two folders with a different color version of the Dragonslayer Greatsword: 1A Silver Version & 2B Black Version. Only use one version at a time

3.) Open the "Berserk Guts' Golden Age Dragonslayer Greatsword Mod Engine 2 Version" folder and inside will be a "parts" folder

4.) Copy and paste the "parts" folder into the Mod Engine 2 "mod" folder

[u]Tools Used[/u]:
1.) UXM

2.) Photoshop

-Do not install with mod manager, only install manually!!!

Better Scaling for Bows

1 Monat 1 Woche ago
[size=2]You might have found yourself disappointed that the only viable to play an archer in Elden Ring was to spam blood/frost arrows with barrage. You are not alone friend, I too wish bows were a lot stronger than they are. Since I wasn't able to find a mod that did this, I decided to quickly whip one up myself!

[/size][font=Arial]I can't promise that this mod is totally balanced, so if you find that the stats on a particular bow are for whatever reason absurd, let me know and I'll possibly upload an update with balance changes.[/font]

[size=5][font=Courier New]Installation:

[/font][/size][font=Arial]First, if you have not already, set up [url=]Anti-cheat toggler and offline launcher[/url]. It should go without saying, but playing online with this mod active will almost certainly result in a ban.

If you're not using any other mods that affect 'regulation.bin', congratulations! All you have to do is replace that file in your 'ELDEN RING/Game/' directory with the file from the zip in Option 1 of the downloads section, and you're done!
If you [b]are[/b] using a mod that affects 'regulation.bin', you will need to use [url=]Yapped[/url] to merge your 'regulation.bin' with this mod's 'EquipmentParamWeapon.csv' from Option 2 in the downloads section (if you receive an error during the importing step, try downloading version 1.08 of Yapped instead). More detailed instructions are available as a pdf in the zip file of Option 2.

If you are using a mod that affects 'regulation.bin', [b]and[/b] it affects 'EquipParamWeapon', unfortunately you will likely need to manually set the scaling values yourself in Yapped. If there are are any better methods for this situation, please let me know. On the plus side, you only need to do this for the bows you plan on using.[/font]

[font=Courier New][size=5]Altered Scalings:[/size]
[font=Courier New]Shortbow
str 17 > 25
 dex 17 > 25

Misbegotten Shortbow
 str 26 > 50
 dex 16 > 20

Red Branch Shortbow
 str 14 > 20
 dex 26 > 50

Harp Bow
 dex 15 > 60

Composite Bow
 str 15 > 40
 dex 28 > 40

 str 20 > 40
 dex 26 > 60

Albinauric Bow
 str 15 > 20
 dex 35 > 80

Horn Bow
 dex 26 > 40
 int 10 > 50

Erdtree Bow
 str 12 > 20
 dex 15 > 30
 fth 30 > 50

Serpent Bow
 str 15 > 20
 dex 30 > 60

Pulley Bow
 str 27 > 50
 dex 27 > 50

Black Bow
 str 18 > 25
 dex 26 > 80

Lion Greatbow
 str 30 > 50
 int 0  > 25

Golem Greatbow
 str 45 > 75

Erdtree Greatbow
 str 20 > 30
 dex 15 > 20
 fth 30 > 50

 str 30 > 50
 dex 30 > 50[/font]

History Channel's Vikings (WIP)

1 Monat 1 Woche ago
[size=3]Warning: For users who select the Nord culture when spawning as Ragnar, this is a WIP and may cause crashes because I am using Nord culture for Ragnar's culture. I still have to patch some things to make it work with the game properly. Just report crashes in the comments and describe what you were doing in game for the crash to occur. Thanks! Also I intend to one day create a custom Norse culture. If anyone knows how to do it with the XMLs and wants to help improve this mod then message me.

You are Ragnar Lodbrok. You are with your crew and you have just landed on the newly discovered continent of Calradia to raid!

This mod is best used on a new Sandbox game although it would work on an existing save. It will change the player character to Ragnar and spawn all your clan members!


1. Install mod with vortex

2. Enable in launcher

3. Start a sandbox campaign

4. Make your character selections, do not worry about editing your character's appearance, setting the age or setting their name. This mod will change them. Just click next. The only thing important is to select your life choices which setup your stats and to select your difficulty settings and game options in that last screen. You can ignore this step and select anything if loading Ragnar's stats from the config file.

5. Don't worry about setting your clan name or banner when the game starts, just click ok. The mod will over write them.

6. Now once your game is ready to start just press the Enter key and make your choices in the dialog windows.

7. Now you are Ragnar, your clan is "av Kattegat." You can now save your game and start your campaign!

[b]Advanced Users:
-Check the ModuleData folder to edit your clan's initial equipment, stats and appearance.

[b]Recommended Mods:

[/b][url=]Ragnar Voice Mod[/url] Needs Update :*(
[url=]Fix For Raiding Culture Influence Loss[/url]

DS3 Dark Wraith Armor

1 Monat 2 Wochen ago
To install the mod, you'll have to download & Install [url=]UXM[/url] for Elden Ring, which, alternatively can be found on ?ServerName?/#tools-and-resources. 

1. After doing the required stuff for UXM, unpack the game.

2. After unpacking the game, patch it.

3. Now, there should be a "parts" folder inside the "Game" folder.

4. Make a backup and then put the files(not the readme, c'mmon) inside the parts folder and replace.

5. Start the game.

       Can also just drop the parts folders contents in the modengines mod-parts folder

Thank to Meowspeon for the new version of UXM
Thanks to TKGP for creating the original UXM and [url=]Yapped[/url].

Adopt Companions

1 Monat 2 Wochen ago
This mod adds a dialog option to companions (and lords/notables, pretty much anyone you can talk to) to allow you to adopt them as a sibling or child. It features configuration via MCM to choose options on who you want to be able to adopt.

I made this mod originally because I wanted to be able to marry my companions off to other clans in my faction to help them grow so once they are in your family you can do that.
You can also make them your heir like any other child of yours, or just use it to expand your family or to Roleplay with characters you like.

This is my first mod so sorry if there are any issues. I will try to fix any issues you find ASAP.

[b][size=3]The main file works on 1.7.0 and 1.7.1 but requires Harmony, MCM, UI Extender, and ButterLib
The "Adopt Companions for 1.7.2 BETA" file works with 1.7.2 and does [u]NOT[/u] require Harmony or any other mod[/size][/b]

It can be added mid-save without any issues.
It should be compatible with most mods.
However, I did notice some issues with adopting married lords if you are using a mod like "Marry Anyone" that overhauls the marriage system. These mods change the marriage system and can cause this mod to not be able to find the spouse of a married lord. The effect is that the spouse of an adopted married lord may not be changed into your clan and may remain with their original clan.

[b][color=#ff7700][size=6]Added Features:[/size][/color][/b]
Added Features:
- Adopt companions as a sibling (1.0.0 initial)
- Adopt companions as a child (1.0.0 initial)
- Rename family members (1.1.0 on 03/30/2022)
- Compatibility with 1.7.2 (added in optional files, Note this version does NOT require Harmony. 1.1.0 optional file on 03/30/2022)
- Mod Configuration Menu for options (2.0.0 on 4/4/2022)
- Optional ability to adopt other lords and notables (not just companions) (2.0.0 on 4/4/2022)
- Optional configurable requirements to adopt companions (minimum relationship, etc...) (2.0.0 on 4/4/2022)

[b][color=#ff7700][size=6]Planned Future changes (so far, feel free to suggest others):[/size][/color][/b]
x Compatibility with 1.7.2 (added in optional files, Note this version does NOT require Harmony on 03/30/2022 at 3:15pm US/Central)
x Rename Family members (added in version 1.1.0 on 03/30/2022 at 2pm US/Central)
x Mod Configuration Menu for options
x Optional ability to adopt other nobles (not just companions)
x Optional configurable requirements to adopt companions (minimum relationship, etc...)
- Distinguish between adopted family and natural family
- Extend adoption requirements
- Update the version for game version 1.7.2 to have the features of mod version 2.0.0
- Full compatibility with mods that overhaul marriage

3 Difficulties and AI Overhaul

1 Monat 2 Wochen ago
[size=3]This mod is based on [url=]Prepare to Die (Hard Mode) at Elden Ring Nexus - Mods and Community (
[/url]and [url=]Remove sorceries incantations and weapons stats requirement at Elden Ring Nexus - Mods and Community (
[/url]With some of my own changes added on.
[size=5]List of changes:[/size]

All difficulties: 
-Warp only to churches and cathedrals.
-enemies have hugely increased agro range and better AI. They will follow you longer, can detect stealth more easily, have better hearing. Their line of sight cone is reduced by around 5% to compensate. Using tools and the environment is essential. (did you know you can shoot an arrow or knife at a wall or floor to distract enemies? It's like MGS)
-Start the game with flask at max healing potential (still only 4 charges). All golden seeds (except the starting gift option) and crystal tears in the game are replaced with a stash of 10,000 runes. This change means you must use your flask charges wisely and choose between HP and FP. Spamming spells is no longer an option unless you are willing to sacrifice your survivability.
-All equipment and spells have a requirement cost of 1, meaning you can use whatever build you want, anytime, without respeccing or farming runes. (equipment and spells still scale with their corresponding stats).

-enemies do 44% less damage. 
-player does 120% damage with physical attacks. 
-enemies have 150% HP and 125% stamina.
-Other minor tweaks for balance.
-this is intended to allow for exploration, learning, experimentation on a first playthrough while still being challenging, needing thought and skill. You will still die many times over, but now there's no need to spend 3+ hours stuck on the same boss when there's an entire world to explore.

-enemies do 100% damage.
-player does 100% with physical attacks and 25% less with all magical and elemental.
-enemies have 270% HP and 250% stamina and 200% FP.
-Other minor tweaks for balance.
-this is intended to be a hard challenge once you have the experience of NG and understand the game. You will need to use all your tools, try many builds, learn and exploit enemy weakness.

-enemies do 130% damage. 
-player does 95% physical damage and 28% less magical and elemental.
-enemies have 400% HP and 291.67% stamina and 266.67% FP.
-Other minor tweaks for balance.
-this is intended to push your limits. It [s]can[/s] be done. Good luck, tarnished.

(the mod does scale with even more difficulty in to NG+++ and beyond, however I have not fine tuned it beyond NG++ and the HP values get insane.)

Backup "regulation.bin" in "ELDEN RING\Game" if you'd like a copy of the original game files.
Put the "regulation.bin" file in "ELDEN RING\Game". Overwrite if asked.

To avoid this, I recommend using this tool: [url=]Anti-cheat toggler and offline launcher at Elden Ring Nexus - Mods and Community (

Magic Enhanced

1 Monat 2 Wochen ago
[center][size=6][color=#e69138][b]Magic Enhanced[/b][/color][/size][b][size=4][/size][/b][b][size=4][/size][/b][/center][b][size=4]
[color=#e69138]1. Features[/color][/size][/b] [color=#e69138][size=4][b](Full list in the Changelog)[/b][/size][/color]

[color=#e69138]1.1 [b]NEW WAYS HOW TO REGENERATE MANA AND ELEX[/b][/color]
- [color=#e69138]Mana Potion[/color] redesigned both appearance and effect wise. Now restores 100 Mana and 100 Elex.
- Consuming [color=#e69138]Elex[/color] (Mineral) restores 100 Elex.
- Consuming [color=#e69138]Mana[/color] (Mineral) restores 100 Mana.

[color=#e69138]1.2 [b]NEW MAXIMUM CAP FOR MANA AND ELEX[/b][/color]
- With the help of equippable items and skills new cap for Mana and Elex is 300.
- 100 through [color=#e69138]skills[/color].
- 100 for having a [color=#e69138]Spell Fist[/color] in inventory (50 Mana for Fire Fist, 50 Mana for Flaming Bow, 100 Elex for Ice Fist).
- designed new items:
- [color=#e69138]Berserker Specialization[/color] +50 MaxMana
- [color=#e69138]Berserker Modifier[/color] +50 MaxMana
- [color=#e69138]Protection Specialization[/color] +50 Elex
- [color=#e69138]Protection Modifier[/color] +50 Elex
1.3 [b]FASTER PROJECTILES[/b][/color]
Buffed speed of a [color=#e69138]Small[/color] and [color=#e69138]Big Fireball[/color] by 50%.

[color=#e69138]1.4 [b]COMBAT MAGIC[/b][/color]
Significant buffs to all [color=#e69138]Spell Fists[/color].
- Reduced Mana / Elex consumed of Right Mouse button Spells on Ranged Spell Fists to 1.
- Reduced CD for attacks by 40%.
- Spell Fists now buff Max Mana / Elex just by being in the inventory.
- Spell Fists are now [color=#e69138]Legendary Weapons[/color] with [color=#e69138]3 available Sockets[/color].
- Ice Fist's [color=#e69138]Chain Lightning[/color] buffed in AoE damage, Number of Enemies affected and Cone of Effect.

[color=#e69138]1.5 [b]SPELLS[/b][/color]
- [color=#e69138]Reduced CD[/color] on most spells to [color=#e69138]1s[/color], meaning you can recast them during their effect.
- [color=#e69138]Rain of Fire[/color] buffed to 8m Range
- [color=#e69138]Firewave[/color] buffed to 8m Range.
- [color=#e69138]Mana Aura[/color] increased duration to 300s.

- [color=#e69138]Blizzard[/color] buffed to 8m Range, increased duration by 2s, keeps CD of 8s.
- [color=#e69138]Heal[/color] buffed to 150 healed.

- [color=#e69138]Rage[/color] increased duration to 300s.
- [color=#e69138]Ignore Pain[/color] increased duration to 300s.

[color=#e69138]1.6[b] STIMS[/b][/color]
Unified the duration of all Stims at 60s.

[color=#e69138][size=4][b]2. Installation[/b][/size][/color]
Extract archive into your ELEX 2 folder.
Example: C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\ELEX2
[color=#e69138][b][size=4]3. Uninstallation[/size][/b][/color][/b][/size]
Remove file m_9_MAGIC.pak from your ELEX2\data\packed folder.

[color=#e69138][size=4][b][b][size=4]4. Credits[/size][/b][/b][/size][/color]
Made with [url=]elex2resman_v0.2.1[/url], notepad++, HxD.

Made possible with the works of[b] [color=#e69138]George[/color][/b], [color=#e69138][b]Baltram[/b][/color] and others over at [url=][/url]

Halvkyrie's Vehicles Core

1 Monat 2 Wochen ago
[font=Comic Sans MS][center][size=6][color=#F4C0FF][b]Halvkyrie's Vehicles Core[/b][/color][/size][/center]



[*]1.0-A Hotfix: Renamed yaml file to prevent load order issues. This should now load first
[*]1.0 - Initial Release

[size=5][color=#FFD1DC][b]Hey Halvkyrie, what is this?[/b][/color][/size]
[spoiler]That's a bit harder to answer than i wish it was, but i will try.
This is a bundle of vehicle related things that i intend to use across different mods, mainly TweakDB Records and localization files.
It's kept separate as this means i can reference and use things like the engine data and drivemodel data for various vehicles i've customized across mods, meaning i also won't have to include a copy in every single one.
This means it's less clutter in the mods themselves, and it means things can be changed/fixes across mods without updating those mods themselves.
So, in short, It's less work, and cleaner results i can more easily use and reuse.[/spoiler]
[size=4]Currently: Misc Data for the ArchNemesis, Used by the ArchNemesis Mox variants mod.[/size]

[size=5][color=#FFEB8D][b]Note that this mod won't change your gameplay experience or do anything useful on it's own, and has to be "put to use" by other mods[/b][/color][/size]

[size=5][color=#2288DD][b]To install:[/b][/color][/size]
Open the 7z file you downloaded. If you don't have software for this, I would recommend [url=]7Zip File Manager[/url] which is free of charge
Be sure to check what .archive files and other requirements the mod has in the description/readme
Locate your Cyberpunk 2077 install folder, and extract the files in the appropriate folders as shown below. Default game location for steam is: [color=#a7adba][code]C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\[/code][/color]

[b].archive[/b] files:

[b].archive.xl[/b] files for [url=]ArchiveXL[/url]:

[b].yaml[/b] TweakDB files for [url=]TweakXL[/url]:

AutoAlerts Remake

1 Monat 3 Wochen ago
A port of jpfarias's old Redirector mod into Unity Mod Manager. Eaisly the simplest to port since nothing required Redirection.
Original mod (it's description applies to this one):
Source code:

CoMAP - Common Marker Addon Project

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[color=#b6d7a8][center][size=5][u][b]What is "CoMAP"?[/b][/u][/size][/center][/color]

CoMAP ([b]Co[/b]mmon [b]M[/b]arker [b]A[/b]ddon [b]P[/b]roject) is a simple concept at its heart, expanding the available map markers to bring a greater variance to the game. It is my hope that this can become a growing shared platform used by numerous mods to maintain the best possible compatibility where two projects might otherwise be unable to do so because of the nature of .SWF files.

If you are a user, please read the relevant section below, mod authors wishing to work with CoMAP to either do a visual overhaul or get markers included, please scroll down a bit for the relevant information.

[color=#b6d7a8][size=4][u][b][center]I'm a User:[/center][/b][/u][/size][/color]
Simply download and install. The SKSE plugin will only load a patch if the mod it relates to is installed.

[b]Patch Requests:[/b]

I will not be taking any requests for additional markers not related to mod development. I will mainly only be making configs for mods I use, however, configs are relatively easy to make yourself if you want to make one yourself, just take a look at the config included in the Jorrvaskr Map Marker option in the FOMOD for a simple example, complete with commented explanations.
Optional Addons:[/b]

[u]Author's Cut[/u]

My personal marker setup based on consistency, details of which can be found in the [url=]Author's Cut Article[/url]. Comes in two flavours:
[*]"Hearthfire Houses are Longhouses" [img][/img]
[*]"Hearthfire Houses are Settlements" [img][/img]
[u]Khajiit Caravan Markers[/u]

Adds map markers tied into the Khajiit caravan camps, they will only be enabled when the camp is enabled so you can see where they might be at any given time. Comes in two flavours:

[*]Caravan markers start hidden - You must visit a Khajiit caravan camp before you will gain visibility of it.
[*]Caravan markers start visible - You can see when a caravan camp is in use without having to visit it first (fast travel still requires discovery).
[u]Jorrvaskr Map Marker[/u]

Adds a map marker to Jorrvaskr to be consistent with other guilds. Also serves as a simple example of how to set up a CoMAP config.

[u]Wyrmstooth Travel Marker Tweaks
Adjusts the placing of Wyrmstooth's markers for travelling between it and Skyrim and changes them to use North/South markers.

[b]Mods Using New Markers:[/b]

For a list of mods making use of CoMAP, please check out the [url=]Supported Mods Article[/url].


[u]Any ESM/ESP/ESL based mod[/u] - Compatible. Map marker assignment via CoMAP overrides any changes made by plugins, but retains any other data, such as name and position, making a marker switch via CoMAP compatible with any patches that may move or remove a marker out of the box.

[u]Other UI Replacers[/u] - CoMAP is now fully compatible with all UI replacers without needing a patch. While it is functionally compatible, be aware that unless a marker replacer also covers CoMAP's markers, the newly added markers will retain their designs as supplied e.g. if CoMAP is combined with a coloured marker replacer, the Vanilla markers will be coloured and the CoMAP ones will not.

[u]Beyond Skyrim?[/u] - Yes![b]


[u][b][center][color=#b6d7a8][size=4]I'm a Mod Author:[/size][/color][/center][/b][/u]

[b]I am making a mod and would like to use markers from CoMAP in it but don't need any new art, how can I do this?
Setting up a .JSON file is actually quite simple, download the example marker addon for Jorrvaskr and take a look at the JSON in the MapMarker folder to see what you need to do. You can refer to the [url=]CoMAP Marker Reference Sheet[/url] for markers and corresponding "iconName". If you need assistance, just drop me a message and I will help as my schedule allows.
How would I go about getting some map markers added?[/b]

You can download the Dev Kit Package containing all the necessary CoMAP resources and instructions to get your designs into the game, you do not need to send me any of the files you make, just include them in your mod's files and CoMAP will do the rest if a user has it installed. If you would like some markers designed/converted to the right format for you or you want some clarification on the process, let me know and I will see what I can do as my schedule allows.

[b]I am the author of a UI overhaul / marker recolour mod and want to ensure compatibility, what would be needed?[/b]

- If you are changing the size of the markers on the timelines in the flash files, get in touch as this is a more involved patching process
- If you are changing the colouring or want to change the artstyle of the markers, you can do as you would with the vanilla markers in the CoMAP resource swf files and instruct users to allow your mod to overwrite CoMAP's files.
- if neither of those apply to your overhaul, you don't need to do anything.

[b]I curate a mod guide/Wabbajack list and disagree with some of your assignment choices, what can I do?[/b]

You have two options available to you:
- Add a json of your own containing all the marker adjustments you want (json configs respect load order, but will always beat any esp changes) and name it so it loads alongside something late in your load order, such as Occlusion.
- Choose not to install the Config Pack option and create your own json configs.

[b]I have another query related to CoMAP not in the questions above.[/b]

Send me a DM, or contact me on Discord for a more rapid exchange (I am in a fair few modding servers and shouldn't be too hard to find).

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Passe mais tempo com seu cônjuge!
Algo que notei sobre o casamento neste jogo é que depois que você vê o Evento de 14 Corações do seu Cônjuge, não há mais demonstrações de seu relacionamento ou vínculo.

Este mod visa corrigir isso! Ele adiciona um evento em que você pode passar um tempo com seu cônjuge em um encontro.

Atualmente, há uma data genérica para todos os cônjuges, mas planejei mais, incluindo datas exclusivas para cada um dos Candidatos a Cônjuges de Baunilha e a capacidade dos Cônjuges de solicitar tipos de data aleatórios a cada vez.

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